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ADHD & Aspergers

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Pumpkin2000 Wed 06-Apr-16 21:04:40

My teenage son was recently diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers traits. Does anyone know whether swearing is part of ADHD or Aspergers as my son swears like anything but also not sure if it is teenage related only!

Eva50 Wed 06-Apr-16 22:21:42

I think so. Ds1 (20) has ADHD with Autistic traits and will swear when he gets really stressed or agitated. He takes Concerta XL during the day which does its job so it only really happens in the evenings or if he forgets his medication. Ds2 (18) who has ASD and ds3 (9) don't swear although they have certainly heard it all so I don't think I can be blamed for the way I've brought them up!

Pumpkin2000 Thu 07-Apr-16 05:50:26

Thank you that is very helpful!

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