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Emetophobe, possible stomach bug and only one

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Wiifitmama Wed 06-Apr-16 17:34:20

We are in the middle of building work so down to only one toilet. One of my kids was at another child's house all morning and that child is now throwing up. I am in full on panic mode - made 100 times worse as we have only one bathroom/toilet at the moment. So please help - what happens if we get sick and there is only one toilet? How do you cope? I know this sounds crazy but there is nothing sane about this phobia.

fusspot66 Wed 06-Apr-16 17:43:29

I'm not being flippant here, but often you end up with a child or yourself dozing with a bucket or sick bowl within reach. That has to go down the loo, be rinsed, disinfectant spray, wiped dry with loo roll and that flushed. Careful handwash regime for all. If you can't bear to use the one bathroom can you wee in a bucket like a camper? Little kids often end up back on the potty as diarrhoea can give them no time to get to loo. It is blooming grim.
Parents don't always get these bugs. Cross your fingers.
And if you have to do it, you will. flowers

fusspot66 Wed 06-Apr-16 17:46:01

I just read that the poorly child is not yours.
It may not visit your house. I'm going to look for a link on d and v bugs and how they do or don't spread. It's reassuring honestly.

Wiifitmama Wed 06-Apr-16 17:46:47

Thanks for responding. Not worried about sharing a bathroom with him as such. More worried about what to do if more than one person urgently needs toilet - like if more than one person is sick. We have always had two toilets. No potties here. Youngest is almost 8. Ds who was in contact with sick child is 11 almost 12 so don't think a potty will do it! Not sure we even have a bucket - will have to look. Very very rarely is anyone here sick. We have always used a big bowl when they were young. Will have to look for a bucket.

WhoKnowsWhereTheT1meGoes Wed 06-Apr-16 17:51:00

We've never had more than one toilet and have sometimes had 2 or 3 of us ill at the sane time, you just manage, keep some bowls of buckets handy and separate handtowels for everyone.

When I was a student all six of us in a house with two toilets got food poisoning simultaneously, after that experience nothing fazes me.

fusspot66 Wed 06-Apr-16 17:54:05

Wiifitmama Wed 06-Apr-16 18:13:34

Fusspot - that was a very helpful link thank you.

I have just found a bucket in our shed and brought it inside just in case. I will also get some old towels out ready. I think being prepared will make me feel better.

On the plus side, not eating dinner as feel sick from anxiety so might help weight loss!

fusspot66 Wed 06-Apr-16 20:20:56

You can do it, in the unlikely event you need to this time.
It is one of the worst bits of parenthood.
Your 2 are old enough to make it to the loo or bucket, and to understand the importance of hand washing and even showering if hair gets in the way so it is all more bearable.

Wiifitmama Wed 06-Apr-16 20:23:06

Thank you! I have three actually. And the funny thing is that the oldest (14) had only ever thrown up once when he was 3 so when he got a bug last summer, it took him totally by surprise and he did not know what the feeling of feeling like you are going to be sick was so he did not react. Very messy unfortunately. Now he knows, I think that would not happen again. The middle one who was in contact with sick child today is more prone to the occasional sickness bug so does know what it feels like and is more likely to react correctly. I hope!!

fusspot66 Wed 06-Apr-16 20:28:05

He's a star

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