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Constant nausea, dizziness and 'drugged up' feeling

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Natsku Tue 05-Apr-16 19:55:18

I've had constant nausea since the 24th, worse since Thursday (frequent vomiting, no appetite, can't stand the smell or thought of food) and the dizziness and drugged up feeling started at the weekend and its not so bad in the mornings but gets worse and worse as the day goes on until its really horrible. Weird feeling in my arms and legs too, like pressure building up in the muscles until I have to tense them to make it stop.

What can this be? I can barely function, exhausted all the time and can't think straight and can't remember things.

FuckyNell Tue 05-Apr-16 20:51:40

You need to see a doctor!

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Tue 05-Apr-16 20:53:27

Sounds like a very nasty bug but I'd get checked as it's lasting so long. DD has had similar, worse in evening too, this week

Natsku Wed 06-Apr-16 06:53:00

I want to go see a doctor too, though reluctant because I've had to see the doctor so much lately for a bad back - scared they'll think I'm a hypochondriac or something. OH thinks I should go get some blood tests first though (basic blood panel, thyroid and blood sugar) and if there's anything up with them then go to the doctor so booked the blood tests this morning.

Ledkr Wed 06-Apr-16 06:56:19

Are you taking pain killers for yiur back? Because tramadol make me exactly as u describe

Natsku Wed 06-Apr-16 07:00:44

Not anymore, I stopped the painkillers (tramadol) completely last thursday but had cut them down the week before that to just one a day anyway. Only medicine I'm on now is Venlafaxine which I've been on for a year with no issues.

Natsku Thu 07-Apr-16 19:17:56

Been a lot better yesterday and today, only the drugged up feeling in the late evening so much be just some nasty bug like you said fanjo thank goodness!

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