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Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture - does swelling ever go down and you can get your boots on!

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Laidupwithabrokenleg Mon 04-Apr-16 21:18:54

Has anyone out there had a bimalleolar ankle fracture? I broke tib and fib 9 weeks ago. I had a plate and screws put in, and was in plaster for a total of 6 weeks. Now getting around using crutches. My leg is still very swollen and I am starting to think it will never improve. My SIL did a similar thing 6 years ago, and my brother says that she still has swelling and can no longer wear pull on boots. I'm doing my physio exercises and have quite a good range of movement but unable to flex my ankle fully. I suppose it's early days and I am being impatient. Wondering if I should put my heels and boots on ebay and resign myself to sensible shoes!

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