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is this a virus?! ugh.

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EllenRipley Mon 04-Apr-16 12:12:33

I've been reading a couple of threads about viruses that are doing the rounds, so not sure why I'm starting another one but I think I need reassurance that this lurgy, if that's what it is, is going to end! Started with sneezing, aching muscles especially my legs, bit of a cough. Hot sweats, but no temperature. Felt really fluey but nothing further developed. Now ten days in I've still got a stuffy nose/sinus pressure (no mucus) and a bit hoarse, constantly feeling on the verge of shivering or sweating and generally bleurgh! I started to feel better last week and went back to working out (stupid) which I think set me back. My son's had at least one coughing virus in the last month or so, so not sure if I've caught it from him. Very reluctant to go to doc with such vague symptoms. I'm in west of Scotland and there do seem to be a few local sweaty viruses going around, just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? X

EagleRay Mon 04-Apr-16 12:24:20

I had almost exactly this - woke up feeling not quite right, slight sore chesty cough and then felt v out of breath walking around. Am 35w pregnant so was sent to hospital for obs then ended up being admitted for several days!

Turned out to be swine flu. 2 weeks on, I'm still in bed a lot of the time and even a small amount of exertion will leave me wiped out the following day. Strange thing is that overall, my symptoms were mild and although I felt a bit feverish my temp never went above 37...

I think it's doing the rounds at the moment blame my builders for giving it to me but may be worth getting checked out if you have any additional health issues. Get well soon!

EllenRipley Mon 04-Apr-16 12:38:12

Thanks Eagle, blimey - pregnant and swine flu, that is rough! I hope you're taking it easy. Yeah I think it's the 'mild' symptoms that are throwing me, it's like permanently being in the verge of something worse, would almost prefer to be laid low and know what I'm dealing with! No health issues, bit of gynae stuff in the last few months but generally active and tend not to get lurgies like this. Thanks for replying, feel reassured I'll just have to ride it out. Wish you all the best for your impending bubba, take care x

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