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Glasses On A Budget

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bushtailadventures Fri 01-Apr-16 08:20:21

I need new glasses, and I think I probably need varifocals this time, given how often I have to take them off to read anything smaller than an inch high smile

BUT, I have quite a small budget, so do I go for the varifocal offer at Specsavers (£69) or buy 2 pairs of the £25 glasses, one reading and one distance? I have my eye test on Monday, so need help making my mind up please.

CMOTDibbler Fri 01-Apr-16 08:30:36

If you have an Asda near you, then try them as I am really, really happy with my two for £99 glasses which are varifocal, thinned and a complex lens. And they said if I didn't like the varifocals they would reglaze them as single vision.

I had two pairs of glasses before, and I wouldn't go back as it was such a pita changing glasses to read things

TheSunHasGotItsHatOn Fri 01-Apr-16 08:31:45

Do you have an Asda opticians near you? If varifocal or bifocal lenses are needed they are charged at the same price as single vision lenses. Also they offer the high index lenses at no extra cost if the prescription is high enough. I only recently discovered this accidentally and in the process saved myself the £500ish I used to spend on my 9 year old dd glasses/sunglasses as they included the high index lenses for free as her prescription is +12 and +12.75. Hope that helps.

MirandaWest Fri 01-Apr-16 08:34:21

I got my glasses at Asda - I'm quite short sighted and so the fact they do thinning for free is v good. Cost me £40 for mine which given the thinning is cheaper than online places.

bushtailadventures Fri 01-Apr-16 09:13:12

I wish we did have an Asda nearby, I've heard a lot of good things about their opticians, but nope, Specsavers or Vision Express is about as good as it gets sad

Drinksforeveryone Fri 01-Apr-16 17:59:40

I always go to Speycsavers. My current specs with free prescription sunglasses cost £99. I have used them for years, as has DS - never been unhappy with them.

DH has varifocals AND reading glasses oh AND contact lenses (he likes to be able to choose) his were super expensive from the local opticians. The varifocals were about £400 alone!

Cocolepew Fri 01-Apr-16 18:03:09

I got a pair at Specsavers from the £25 range. I've never had so many compliments, and I usually spend over £100..

CodyKing Fri 01-Apr-16 18:04:02

You can order online at Asda - you need your prescription and the frame measurement (3 numbers - largest is the arm smallest is the nose bridge and the middle is the corner to corner of the lens)

You also need pupil distance - so ask

slebmum1 Fri 01-Apr-16 18:06:51

Glasses direct are brilliant, I got two pairs recently for £79 and can't recommend them highly enough. You get up to four pairs at a time on a home trial to decide what suits you, send them back and your prescription details and they arrive in a few days.

Tanfastic Fri 01-Apr-16 22:27:10

I second Glasses Direct. I go to Specsavers for my eye test and get the glasses from Glasses Direct. I got two pairs for £25 including postage once. Last time I paid £59 for two pairs, one was designer. I love them.

PoshPenny Sun 03-Apr-16 20:55:33

I travel 20 miles to our nearest Asda for my 2 for £99 varifocals. My last pair from the local opticians were £500 😱 Well worth the trip IMO to save so much £££

RoobyTuesday Tue 05-Apr-16 20:09:40

Some opticians do a payment plan so you can pay monthly by direct debit. I did this with my last pair of glasses. Forgotten the name of them so will come back and let you know.

RoobyTuesday Tue 05-Apr-16 20:10:11

C4 sight are

RoobyTuesday Tue 05-Apr-16 20:10:32

Sorry!! C4 sight care

MrsAukerman Tue 05-Apr-16 20:11:30

Free eye test at tesco then glasses direct. £26. Bargain.

WhimsicalWinnifred Tue 05-Apr-16 20:19:16

I always get my free eye test at tesco. I often wonder why people pay elsewhere as booking slots are easily found and they are open Sunday. I got my old glasses reframed for £35 but they did have some bargains in there for 20. I only have standard frames tho so can't comment on others

WhimsicalWinnifred Tue 05-Apr-16 20:19:38

Reglazed not reframed.

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