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Breast pain - what's normal?

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JoyceDivision Thu 31-Mar-16 21:37:42


I have been having random pains in my right breast for a few weeks.

They are 'in' my breast, if that makes sense, more on the right hand side. It is a sort of sore pain rather than an ongoing dull ache,it's not when I take my bra off after a long day (I have big boobs, about 38f) but anytime during the day.

No other symptoms however when I check for lumps I can't tell what's my boob and what's not, iykwim.

I'm 38... Are there any causes for concern in any of this or does it sound normal?

Thanks smile

JoyceDivision Fri 01-Apr-16 20:57:38


loubielou2 Fri 01-Apr-16 21:04:40

It's always worth getting it checked if you are worried but I think most sinister causes like cancer are usually painless and pain is more likely to be something else. Do see your GP. I have had breast pain in one side for years and found that Evening Primrose helped. Hope someone else will soon give some advice and reassurance.

JoyceDivision Fri 01-Apr-16 22:01:35

thank you smile

Tanfastic Fri 01-Apr-16 22:41:27

I went to gp with one sided breast pain last year, it's intermittent and I suspected cyclical but I also wanted a proper breast exam just to put my mind at rest. I have one boob bigger than the other and it's the bigger of the two that sometimes feels tender. GP didn't seem worried, examined me thoroughly and sent me on my way. I did get a second opinion who said the same incidentally (I suffer with health anxiety).

Having said that since I swapped boned bras for non boned I've noticed a difference.

Get it checked out if it's a new symptom just for your peace of mind. It's very unlikely to be anything to worry about.

JoyceDivision Fri 01-Apr-16 22:44:17

ah thank you, i daren't contemplate nonwired bras at my boob size.. I might as well fling them round my neck like a scarf!

Tanfastic Fri 01-Apr-16 22:45:44

You might be surprised at how supportive they are these days. I'm a 38d so not small and honestly I've not looked back! I only wear boned ones now when I'm wearing something where I want a good shape if that makes sense lol.

Marshy Fri 01-Apr-16 22:48:49

See your GP but most of the women I know with serious breast issues didn't have breast pain. I know quite a few as I've had serious breast issues myself, requiring double mastectomy, and no pain ever, apart from post-op.

JoyceDivision Fri 01-Apr-16 22:49:58

thanks ladies, really appreciate your replies

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