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Anybody had conservative treatment for an ankle fracture

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lampygirl Thu 31-Mar-16 19:17:45

I broke my ankle 3 weeks ago. I had a stable and non displaced Weber B fracture and was put in a boot. I am constantly paranoid about it displacing because there are no screws holding it together.

It is worth adding that I do suffer slightly with anxiety for medical related things after numerous bad experiences as a child whilst being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (another bloody complication with my broken foot, although my levels are OK and so are my feet).

I'm currently partially weight bearing but a crutch slipped on one of those non slip metal steps the other day and I instinctively put my bad foot down to regain balance momentarily. A quick sharpish pain but not necessarily at the fracture site I was to busy panicking, pain subsides after 5 minutes and feels normal and am still able to do the normal ROM exercises I have been given, no swelling. I'm just panicking again that it will have moved again. I really want to avoid A&E if possible. Chances of it being fine?? I really wish I was allowed surgery it would be more reassuring to me.

longdays Fri 01-Apr-16 12:54:05

is it a removable boot?
When are you next due to go to fracture clinic?
If you're partially weight bearring and pain free following the incident I'm sure it will be fine.

There's been a few research trials over the past few years looking at treating ankle fractures conservatively and theyve done very well.

lampygirl Tue 05-Apr-16 11:41:47

Thanks long, it was indeed all fine. I eventually managed to get through to someone in orthopaedics and move my appt forward a week and all was still well with the bone.

It is good to hear about successes of conservative treatment. I do indeed have a very posh from a private Swiss clinic removable boot with ROM control which is brilliant as I can take it off to shower I just bought a plastic garden chair to shower with. I am in no pain even when weight bearing on the foot wth crutches. im hoping to start physio properly in 2 weeks.

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