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Help! i have a rash!

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8reasonstohide Thu 31-Mar-16 09:43:32

I went to a restaurant yesterday (all you can eat, world wide food type establishments). Whilst coming to the end of my chinese platter (noodles, chicken piece in black bean sauce, sweet and sour chicken, stir fried mushrooms, satay sauce and a pork rib) I got an itchy arm. I had three 'bite-like' eruptions on my right arm. I went to get a pizza slice and by the time I came back, I noticed my left arm had erupted on the forefront arm and back. On leaving we told a member of staff as we thought it was there cleaning fluid but 15 minutes later whilst in a lift in a shop, I noticed in the mirror that I had erupted on my chest. Within the hour I had small bite-like eruptions in various places but quite far apart but my joints were somewhat stiff.

Anyways, I arrived home to find that my left hand was swollen, the bite size eruptions had spread into huge red welts, I was itchy in places that didn't have the rash but my joints - hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips and knees were stiff and painful. Buy this time huge red welts were appearing in other places.

A restless night and the rash has spread all over my chest, back, legs, scalp and even my bum!! It's starting to creep up my face.

I have taken antihistamines as I am on them for chronic rhinosinusitis but it seems to have had no effect.

I thought 20 hours after they first appeared they would have gone, especially if food related, but it is worsening and has spread. Apart from tiredness, i have no other symptoms - no breathing difficulties etc.

Does it sound like a food related problem or possibly viral? I am at a loss. Never ever had any issues like this before.

ParsnipSoup Thu 31-Mar-16 09:54:07

Did you eat any fish?! Scombroid food poisoning often looks like hives you get from allergies, but lasts longer.

GlitteryFluff Thu 31-Mar-16 10:05:56

It sounds like an allergic reaction to me.

Disclaimer: I am not involved in medical field at all.

Are you allergic to any food? Even if you didn't eat it last night but maybe contamination or something?

Or could it be nothing to do with the meal, but just coincidence that it came on then? Anything happen in the hours before you ate that could be a factor in it?

I'd maybe see gp just to clarify what it is?

8reasonstohide Thu 31-Mar-16 10:17:42

Seeing GP in next 30 minutes. I was going to leave it 48 hours but since it has spread, better check it out!

No fish at all. Not even prawns and I have no food allergies or intolerances at all!

It is a complete mystery! We thought it was the cleaning products they use on their tables but seeing it on my chest 15 minutes later and I knew it was on my legs as they were itchy but couldn't check in the middle of a city!

This morning it is EVERYWHERE! scalp, ear, neck, chest, under arms, arms, torso, back, bum, c-section scar, legs, feet - nowhere is left untouched!

8reasonstohide Thu 31-Mar-16 10:19:49

Cannot think of anything that could have brought it on that isn't food related. Suppose I will get an answer soon but suspect my GP may be a bit mystified also. I can type away (finger tips okay) but hands and wrists are the worst affected.

Huge, large red welt patches on my knuckles, palms, wrists, arms, elbows, thighs and bum. Joints (especially in the wrist) are stiff.

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