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Should I ask for another postnatal check?

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Duckstar Wed 30-Mar-16 19:51:55

Went for my postnatal check today (DC3). New GP. She came across as very nervous.

She asked if I was ok. No specific questions. Didn't check my stomach, my csection scar (or ask about them). Checked blood pressure. She asked if I wanted to discuss contraception or "was it too early". When I asked if the mini pill was only option, as breastfeeding, she said yes. When I said I had bled constantly on it before, so was reluctant to go on again, she said well I would just have to be "careful". I presume "careful" being a euphemism for condoms. Didn't ask about bleeding. Didn't ask about mood.

I have been suffering dizzy spells (including when sitting) and headaches. When I mentioned these I was told to drink more. I said I was concerned as I had meningitis when pregnant and she said to "keep under review", but no explanation of that what that meant.

I've been thinking about the appointment all day and my previous post natal checks (which were more comprehensive) and I'm just not happy. I don't feel I have actually been checked and think the headaches and dizziness should be investigated further. I think my scar is healing fine, but I'm thinking now should have at least been checked.

Should I ring surgery and ask for another postnatal check with another GP? Do I need to complain or can I just ask for another check with another GP? I could just ring for an appointment, but the surgery makes it clear it is one complaint per appointment and there's a couple of things to discuss.

Musicaltheatremum Wed 30-Mar-16 20:21:11

Doesn't sound a great consultation to be honest. I wonder if she is on a training programme and if she is new she will be very junior. At that stage if she wasn't sure I would be expecting her to ask her trainer. As a GP myself I don't encourage "complaints" but I would want this fed back so the Dr can be trained further. Our new GPs get 30 minute appointments at this stage (luxury) so they have time to ask. There is nothing wrong with saying "I don't know" and asking for help.
I would ask to see another GP and maybe bring up your concerns. Sadly some training practices don't invest as much time as they shoukd into their trainees and they ca be made to feel bad for asking.

Musicaltheatremum Wed 30-Mar-16 20:22:14

I wish I could get one complaint per appointment too. Today I had lots of people who think a "couple" of things means 6! It's been a very long day.

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Wed 30-Mar-16 20:47:51

Definitely ask for another review and flag up specifically that she didn't ask about your mood. PND can be extremely serious and in many cases women will not being up how they feel unless asked.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Wed 30-Mar-16 20:53:03

I've had 2 postnatal checks,and can't physically examined either time, nor was I asked about my mood, probably because the HV visits and does an assessment prior to the check.

Both times it was a quick chat about contraception and then onto checking out the baby.

Hasn't the midwife checked your scar etc prior to discharging you? Did you actually ask the doctor to look at it or just think that they would?

If you are concerned about the headaches then definitely go back OP.

PeppasNanna Fri 01-Apr-16 21:50:33

I didn't think post natel checks were done any more. I've not had a post natel check with my last 3 dc.

When i enquired, i was told to make sure a general appointment with a GP. With 2 of the dc I had retained products & ended up very unwell.

I would request another appointment.

Duckstar Wed 06-Apr-16 18:00:41

Thanks for all the advice. Seems there is a range in what is normal for postnatal checks. Have made another appointment to see another GP next week to discuss headaches and dizziness.

Duckstar Sat 16-Apr-16 12:25:15

Quick update saw another GP. Been prescribed amitriptyline and referred to neurologist. I had meningitis in October 16 and GP thinks my brain is still recovering, but wants me to just be checked over.

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