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gynea advice. why does my vagina feel tender and ache.

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megletthesecond Wed 30-Mar-16 00:10:11

I've been a lp for 7 years so it's nothing to do with sex for a start.

I had a hysterectomy 7yrs ago and while I have my ovaries, my uterus and cervix are long gone. No periods and some perimemopausal symptoms but presumably my hormones are still ticking over, I'm 41. But in the last few weeks I've been getting a sore tender sensation in my vagina. At one point it felt as if I had been kicked down there. No discharge, no bleeding, nothing else. Just on-off tenderness. It doesn't hurt to work out or run either. The aches are totally random.

The gp took a swab a couple of weeks ago but she said she couldn't seen anything unusual going on. I did wonder if it was pelvic scar adhesions that could be pulling on the other side of my vagina (2 x CS's and 1 hysterectomy) and causing it to be uncomfortable. Or whether I should ask for a scan just in case. Because I don't have sex or periods I really don't have a clue what my pelvic area is up to these days confused.

donajimena Wed 30-Mar-16 00:11:26

Have you googled vulvodynia?

megletthesecond Wed 30-Mar-16 00:19:49

I had looked at the info (and just checked again) but I get the impression vulvodynia is mainly an external problem, although it does mention an aching feeling. Mine feels more internal.

donajimena Wed 30-Mar-16 00:30:15

In my limited experience it is outside. Please don't take offence to this suggestion but it might be an idea to go to your GUM clinic (or whatever they are called these days) I know you are celibate but in my area at least they are far better equipped to explore all things fanjo related and might be able to refer you onwards more quickly.
I speak as someone who had (has) vulval dermatitis and I had better treatment via the GUM (sexual health?) Clinic than my GP

megletthesecond Wed 30-Mar-16 01:02:25

I didn't think of trying the GUM clinic smile. I went there a couple of times in my youth and they were great, I much prefer their neat gynae chairs than a GP'S couch too.

I agree with you, they do know what they're talking about. I'll sort out an appointment once the kids are back at school.

sadie9 Wed 30-Mar-16 12:15:37

Were you doing any exercises recently, like lunges etc. Did you have SPD when you were pregnant. The ligaments that hold up the pelvic organs do soften with menopause so I'm just wondering is something like that it that, a dull ache either side and not the inside bit.

megletthesecond Wed 30-Mar-16 12:37:39

Sadie actually I have increased my weights at the gym. Maybe I've pulled something.

No SPD in either pregnancy, I was really lucky and at the gym (gently) until well into my eighth month. Pelvic floor is great though, I can trampoline.

MotorcycleMama Thu 31-Mar-16 17:21:22

Hi Meg,
No words of wisdom here, just to say I have noticed over the past year or so (I'm 44) I can go through a couple of days feeling tender and as if I have been kicked in that area too. It has coincided with periods and while I know you don't have periods anymore, if your hormones are still fluctuating, maybe that could be it?
I find that nurofen plus help.

BigBroIsWatching Thu 31-Mar-16 18:20:30

If it feels like its external, could it be varicose veins? They cause an aching sensation and tenderness/puffiness feeling?

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