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Meningitis - please help - URGENT!

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fee77 Tue 25-May-04 23:21:17

My DD (7mths) was taken into hospital yesterday as she had had a high temp for 4 days and was generally unwell. After a lumper puncture this morning they now think it is a strain of meningitis. They say it can be treated with antibiotics and did talk to me about it, but basically i was in such a blind panic i didn't pay that much attention. I am now at home (DH is with DD) and am working myself up into a frenzy. Has any one any experience of this? Iknow it is not the really dangerous kind, but she is my angel and i am soo worried. Any advice, experiences etc would be appreciated - ASAP!!!

cuppy Tue 25-May-04 23:23:20

Can't be of any help at all fee, sorry. But just wanted to send you big fat hugs - hope shes ok. xx

Heathcliffscathy Tue 25-May-04 23:23:33

she is in hospital which is the best place for her and they will treat her and it will be fine...please please try to rest, it is the best thing you can do for her...

fee77 Tue 25-May-04 23:29:53

Sorry - in my panic i have set this message a few times!! Can i group them together?
Yes i could stay - i stayed last night, and felt DH should have a turn. He is just as worried as me. Thanks for all your kind words. Mums net are the only people up this late!!! i will keep you posted.

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