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cervical screening

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ApollO88 Tue 29-Mar-16 10:57:45

So I had a double whammy of medical related letters through this morning.

First was a letter inviting me for my annual post pregnancy diabetes check.....I had gd with my son. Who just turned 5..... First I've heard I have to have ANNUAL screening!

Second was a letter asking me to attend a cervical screening as I'm now in the 25-50 bracket.... Never had one before.... Need a bit of hand holding. Or some expert advise. Or even horror stories?

Also a quick question, can I arrange to have a coil put in at the same time as the smear? to reduce the number of times I need to spend with my knickers around my ankles

ApollO88 Tue 29-Mar-16 12:13:04


Sothisishowitfeels Tue 29-Mar-16 12:18:42

I have had 3 smears and never had even minor discomfort! It was far far more painful being examined while pregnant/ in labour.

I would ask about the coil our surgery doesn't do them I had to go to a family planning clinic

TheoriginalLEM Tue 29-Mar-16 12:27:40

i think all you need to know is that if it wasn't for cervical screening i wouldn't be responding to this thread! id be in the ground.

I have had yearly smears for ten years and now on yearly recall. So i have had a lot of them.

They have ranged from "oh youve done it already" to "ouch thst pinched a bit" The most discomfort being over in a split second. I always take some paracetamol beforehand as i get a draggy tummy ache afterwards but nothing major.

It will take you more time to remove your knickers.

make it clear you want a coil when you make the appointment as some practices use dr for coil implantation.

That is relatively simple too - ive had copper (don't do it!) merina coil (much better)

two minutes to save your life - win

PollyPerky Tue 29-Mar-16 15:41:34

I think the way to cope with a smear is to step away from this threadsmile You will get horror stories as well as the 'didn't feel a thing' replies.

I have had loads- am late 50s- and tbh I really don't mind. Not my fave way to spend the day but it's all over in 2 minutes so not worth getting worked up over. You might feel a bit of a 'nip' when they twiddle the brush but it doesn't last long. You might get a tiny bit of bleeding ( a tiny bit) for the rest of the day and a slight ache but that's all.

Re coil at same time- it might not work because the person who does the smear may be a nurse and not trained in coil fitting. You need to ask the practice before you go along.

captaincake Tue 29-Mar-16 17:13:40

Smear is fine. Not very nice admittedly but it's really really quick and whilst uncomfortable not painful. If you want the coil fitted at the same time tell them that when you call for an appointment, it depends on if the nurse who does smears is coil trained. I had GD in pregnancy and had an argument with the dr to be tested after birth as the midwife had told me to. Definitely not been offered any further tests. Wondering if I should now.

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