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Bladder pain post baby, had no feeling in bladder when heavily pregnant

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Rufus200 Mon 28-Mar-16 17:45:22

Some point during late pregnancy I stopped feeling when my bladder was full. It was a blessing as I never had that urgent need to pee with baby sat on it. At 4 weeks post c-section the feeling started to return. Spoke to my Dr at 6 week check up and she said was completely normal with pregnancy to lose feeling in your bladder. I've got no incontinence.

Now 8 weeks post section and have pain whenever I pee. Not external, not burning cystitis pain but pain in my urethra as I pee, the stronger the stream the more it hurts and pain in my bladder the emptier it gets, this then lasts a few minutes afterwards and then goes. I'm on antibiotics anyway and really don't think I have a UTI. It feels nothing like any cystitis I've ever had in the past. I have dipsticks and no blood or protein in urine.

I'm wondering if anyone else who had a numb bladder post pregnancy had pain afterwards as the feeling had returned or if I've got interstitial cystitis or a bladder stone?

PollyPerky Mon 28-Mar-16 20:56:00

Have a good read of the COB Foundation website - which covers all kinds of bladder issues. If it is IC then try the diet first - avoiding food and drink that irritates. Unfortunately, some procedures like surgery can affect the bladder so doing all you can to calm it down now might help.

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