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Recovery from a heart attack - what to expect?

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thetoothfairywhoforgot Mon 28-Mar-16 09:52:17

My DH had a heart attack two weeks ago. He presented to A and E late as no one realised what had happened.

He's had two stents fitted and is on a variety of drugs including blood thinners. Been home a week and seems okay. But is slow and tired and really not ready to go back to work.

We're both worried about long term damage to his heart due to the delay in being treated.

Has anyone any experience of this sort of recovery? Are we being impatient or should he be better by now?


Elibean Mon 28-Mar-16 15:31:30

Hi, glad to hear your dh is recovering and yes, I'm afraid you're being impatient smile

My step-mother, and a friend's dh, had heart attacks a couple of years ago and both were shocked by the tiredness afterwards - it took weeks, and rushing is really not a good idea. I think my friend's dh had at least a month off work, if not more, and my step-mother (a true workaholic) took a slower pace for at least 6 months.

The medics treating your dh should be able to advise on heart damage, and he should get follow up care and heaps of advice - if you're not getting enough advice, do go to GP or back to cardiac department and demand some. But tiredness is NORMAL after a heart attack, and not necessarily anything to do with damage - my step mother had virtually none, and my friend's dh very little, but they were exhausted.

Plus, if he's on beta blocokers (which he probably is at the moment), those can make you feel tired and slower - if he's ok after some time, they may lower the dose and/or stop them, so long term good news but, I'm afraid, more patience required.

HTH a bit, and that all goes well with ongoing recovery!

Elibean Mon 28-Mar-16 15:32:19

And I like your MN name, btw, and can relate wink

thetoothfairywhoforgot Mon 28-Mar-16 22:33:46

Thanks Elibean. That is so reassuring. I keep hearing about people who are back at work the next week and feeling normal. He is on beta blockers and a truck load of other drugs. I'm normally one for googling everything and checking treatment but I think I'm in a bit if shock as well as struggling a bit to care for DH and our young family.

We are downunder and he been getting good care but there is some disconnect between primary and secondary care. His GP has been calling him daily from his holidays with blood results. We are scheduled for a hospital appointment next week so hopefully can ask some questions then.

There is some pressure as we think his employers may stop paying him. We have insurance but it won't kick in for three months. I've told him not to worry and we will manage but it is obviously a concern.

The Easter bunny slept in too but I'm blaming DH. blush

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