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Persistent sore throat

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Mouseinahole Sun 27-Mar-16 22:30:37

My dh had flu about 3 weeks ago, he is nearly 80 and I was quite worried for a while but apart from a degree of post viral fatigue seems fine now. About 2 weeks ago I woke up with a bit of a sore throat and a cough. I was also very easily tired. I had had the flu jab so thought it might develop into a mild form of the flu virus. It didn't. The sore throat has stayed, worse night and morning, and so has the fatigue. In addition I had a 48 hour tummy bug last weekend. I just wish the sore throat would go, I hesitate to bother GP as it isn't bad but it is there. Any advice please, could I have something horrible or am I being stupid? It is the top of my throat and hurts when I swallow not otherwise.

kissmelittleass Mon 28-Mar-16 15:00:06

I had something similar but had a weird taste in my mouth especially in the mornings. Look down your throat with a light I did this and could see my roof of mouth and back of throat by tonsils were covered in white spots and patches. It turned out it was a fungal infection makes you feel very tired too. Cleared up straight away with a tablet and mouth rinse.

jimijack Mon 28-Mar-16 15:08:54

Why don't you ask your local chemist/pharmacists for advice.
They are trained in minor illness I believe and could give you good advice 're what you could take.

Are you ok to take ibuprofen anti inflammatory pain killers?
Also paracetamol is safe to take as an alternative or even as well as.

Mouseinahole Mon 28-Mar-16 16:43:04

I 'll pop into the chemist tomorrow. Thank you.

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