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Lump in armpit since Xmas.

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DaftLemon Sun 27-Mar-16 21:44:34

Around Xmas I noticed a painless enlargement in my armpit. It was more of the whole armpit being enlarged/prominent/swollen.

End of January took myself to GP. She said not worried but said it needed a scan and to that would refer me to the Breast Clinic but not under the 2 week pathway.

Inbetween all this the lump occassionally feels tender (not painful) but I know its there.

Mid February I was sent for mammogram and end of February seen at Breast Clinic. I was in and out in 5 minutes. No scan. Dr examined me, said it was probably where I shaved and just an aggravated lymph node. Not to worry. No mention of mammogram. I stupidly forgot to ask and went home feeling relieved.

However, a month on. The lump is still there. It may have got fractionally bigger since Xmas. Tenderness comes and goes. I mentioned it to GP 2 weeks ago(a different one to before) when I went to organise blood for my thyroid (am a new patient at surgery as only moved to the area December). She had a quick feel and just said to keep an eye on it.

Has anyone else had an enlarged lymph node for 3 months or so? If so, do you know why? Would love some thoughts on this. I openly admit I am bit edgy about this as I had Thyroid cancer last year and although got the all clear in October, a new lump is currently under investigation on my remaining half of thyroid. Am off to see my Head and Neck Dr next week, should I mention this do you think?

Mouseinahole Sun 27-Mar-16 22:32:44

Yes you should mention it. It may be an enlarged lymph node or an infected hair follicle but you will feel much better if your oncologist has a look.

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