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Ultra sensitive gland under my arm

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juicychops Sun 27-Mar-16 16:17:12

i have a painful gland under my arm. It might only come up when im ill or run down, but it then stays there for WEEKS. Its up at the moment and has been for about a month now. Ive had a tooth ache on and off for a while so im not sure if that is the reason for this latest episode, but it is really painful!

it is always painful when it comes up to the point of waking me up in the night sometimes and i can't touch or press the area under my arm.

i had it investigated and and ultrasound a year ago and they said there is nothing unusual, just an extra sensitive gland.

can they remove these glands? if it was just a few days every now and then i wouldn't mind, but sometimes over a month at a time is a bit much now

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