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Scared i'm having primary oral herpes outbreak (tmi in places)

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mortifiedandterrified Sat 26-Mar-16 07:59:47

I have obviously name changed for this as some of the details are quite mortifying.

Six days ago (mon) I started with what felt like tonsillitis which I get once or twice a year - pain on one side when swallowing. I started with the usual aches all over and headache and the next day woke up with pus on back of throat (oesophagus) and a little bit at the back of the painful tonsil. I went to the GP and he said it did look sore and he could see the pus and was happy to go with what I thought and gave me ABs.

Woke the next day (wed) and seemed like full blown tonsillitis but did feel a tiny bit better which I guessed was ABs starting to work. I did notice that the gum around my wisdom tooth was a bit sore and swollen and also that my tongue looked dry and like it was about to crack down the middle which it did later in the day. The tiny taste buds on my tongue also looked a bit inflammed. I gargled and rinsed with some salt water (used far too much salt).

The next day (thu) I woke up with a couple of tiny sores in my mouth - two on each side almost as though i'd bitten my cheeks in my sleep. Gum still sore, throat still as sore as the day before. By the evening the crack on my tongue was a bit yellowly looking and I had two tiny ulcers on my tongue. My whole mouth was generally very sore. I thought maybe i'd somehow burnt my mouth by using too much salt in the salt water (misread and used 4tsps!).

The next day (Fri) when I woke up my tongue crack was very yellowy looking and sore and I now had about 6 very small ulcers on my tongue which were sore and a couple of the gums by my wisdom teeth. The pus at the back of my mouth was also now all over both tonsils. felt and looked very much like normal tonsillitis except the tongue and mouth sores.

I am feeling slightly less sore today but still all very tender and my tongue feels like it's been burnt. Two little ulcers on my tongue are still there and sore and I can see others that aren't so sore but which I can feel which have turned reddish looking. My sore throat is all but gone although still looks a tiny bit pussy, however I feel fine in myself (no aches and pains) so "better" apart from a sore mouth.

I have been googling all sorts and it keeps coming up about primary herpes infection and my symptoms do sound and look a lot like it. I feel sick and totally terrified that that's what it is although trying not to be in denial about it. I just want it to go away. I am over 30 with two young dc so just keep thinking that if I have it I will be constantly terrified of passing it to them and also dont want to live with coldsores for the rest of my life.

I just dont know where I would have got it from or jow I have got to this age with nothing only for this to happen. Im so careful not to kiss people, share glasses etc and have been with DP for nine years. The only thing running through my mind is that 9 days before this all started I gave him oral sex for the first time in a while blush . He has nothing that we know of, and no symptoms and we also had sex and I have no symptoms elsewhere. Although I know that doesn't rule it out or anything.

I just dont know what to do. It's bank holiday weekend so no chance of seeing a doctor unless I go to our of hours which doesnt seem the right place for this. I dont know if its best not to know anyway and just be careful around the DC as I am anyway.

Any advice or experience?

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