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Anyone else got v low heart rate?

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Thethingswedoforlove Fri 25-Mar-16 15:06:25

My Fitbit tells me that my resting heart rate is around 50 Bpm. At night it goes nearer to 40.
I am fit enough but not athletic levels of fitness.
So I am worried it is too low?
I do have low bp.
Anyone else have this or think I need to see a doc?
I know this coz I got a Fitbit this week and have been monitoring it all.....

bluespiral Fri 25-Mar-16 15:15:56

Yes. I don't do any formal exercise so certainly not an athlete and my resting heart rate is anywhere between 48 and 60. If I'm relaxed it usually hovers around 56.

I had heart tests last year, a 24hr ecg and echocardiogram (due to extra beats rather than rate) and they weren't concerned about it being slow at all.

NattyGolfJerkin Fri 25-Mar-16 15:18:28

Don't take your Fitbit as gospel on these things. They are famously inaccurate on HR recordings.

Girliefriendlikesflowers Fri 25-Mar-16 15:19:08

Am currently concerned about this with my 10yo dd, her resting and active heart rate is the same as op have been told its because she does a lot of running but am still going to get it checked out.

Thethingswedoforlove Fri 25-Mar-16 15:19:51

Ah ok thanks. Though I have felt extra beats sometimes and at my most recent 'not' she did note that I had a particularly impressively low heart rate (she thought it must be my running!). I am reassured though....

Thethingswedoforlove Fri 25-Mar-16 15:20:30

Oooooh ok flowers. Haven't a clue what my dds heart rates are.

redpriestandmozart Fri 25-Mar-16 15:48:23

I usually have a resting HR of around 55, blood pressure of 95/55 sometimes even a little lower. My DH monitors his blood pressure with a monitor and I go along for the ride, rarely does it deviate from this reading. I am a normal BMI but never exercise so wouldn't say that I am fit.

Thethingswedoforlove Fri 25-Mar-16 16:49:28

So redpriest you are like me more or less. That is low so I hope it is ok!

redpriestandmozart Fri 25-Mar-16 18:13:34

I've been to Dr a few times over the last few years for various things and have mentioned it, of course when my BP is taken in the surgery it's higher but I've shown a print out from the BP monitor and Dr's have said that it's a good healthy reading and there's never been concern that it's too low. It is on the low end of normal but some people are just like that.

80sMum Fri 25-Mar-16 18:20:20

My BP monitor says my average readings are HR:54 and BP:100/60. I think the BP looks about right, but the HR is quite low, especially as I get very little exercise. I am not sure what factors determine ones HR.

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