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OH's mood after a heart attack

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Oneofthosethings Thu 24-Mar-16 22:08:38

It's been 2 years since his heart attack and he has become grumpier and grumpier. I get that it's difficult but honestly I am finding hard to cope. He was so awful the other day that even the kids said 'that's a bit harsh'

Anyone else been through this.

echt Thu 24-Mar-16 22:30:10

Did he have rehabilitation after his heart attack?

When my DH had major heart surgery out of the blue, there were weekly rehab sessions for about six weeks, and the mental/emotional effects were discussed in detail.

echt Thu 24-Mar-16 22:32:13

This might be useful:


echt Thu 24-Mar-16 22:33:03

It would be better if it worked. smile

Shallishanti Thu 24-Mar-16 22:37:53

I had rehab but found they didn't cover the mental aftermath in a very useful way- I would urge your dh to get a referral from GP to counselling. I found CBT very helpful and also had extra sessions with an OT after the rehab ended.

Oneofthosethings Thu 24-Mar-16 23:30:46

Thank you for the link and I will have a read.

I doubt he will admit there is anything wrong. He will just say I am being too sensitive.

gobbin Sun 27-Mar-16 09:03:04

My DH is like this after a brain haemhorrage 18m ago. It has made him think about his own mortality and has been difficult for him to deal with, having never had so much as a cold before. He went to the sessions after but it was occ therapy focused and he found the mental health support rather patronising.

I, on the other hand, who's had loads of ops, post-op complications and at one point faced uncontrolled bleeding that took two hours to stabilise with the cheeriness of 'oh, that's a bit messy', have the utmost faith that no matter what, am gonna live!

moosemama Sun 27-Mar-16 21:13:10

Is he on any medication? Some of the meds they use post heart-attack can cause low mood. Might be worth having a look at the side effects of any he's on.

MotherOfMinions Tue 29-Mar-16 10:02:52

This happened with my father and two close friend's fathers. Seems like quite a common after effect.

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