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Urinr test results

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Notthinkingclearly Thu 24-Mar-16 18:16:58

Ds who is 9 has been poorly for week with a horrible flu. Couldn't get out to the loo to do a wee so collected his wee in a bottle. Wee looked just like coke with a red tinge. Very alarmed so pushed the fluids into him and collected a further 3 bottles from here over the next couple of hours. Then ran up to Drs surgery and nurse tested them. Said blood and protein present. Spoke to GP and came back with a script for antibiotics. Dr called just now to say nothing present. No red or white blood cells present, or bugs grown. Now confused why dipstick showed blood and protein. Dr said dipstick very sensitive. Does this mean that they didn't find any blood in urine in the lab? Would it show if kidneys were having problems? Said just to dipstick next week. Supposed to be going on holiday tomorrow. Wwyd!?

Notthinkingclearly Thu 24-Mar-16 18:17:55

Ps wee looks ok now

scoobdoob Fri 25-Mar-16 08:23:01

It can be common for children to have blood and protein on dipstick when they have a high temperature. The urine sticks are very sensitive and will also pick up any discharge, inflammation to skin etc.
Sounds as if he was very dehydrated. Again common with temperature, flu symptoms. Keep pushing fluids and keep an eye on colour of urine. Take another sample about 7 days from the first.

AugustinaDuBois Fri 25-Mar-16 08:27:26

I think this sounds very odd. I suppose if he is getting better, all you can do is keep him well hydrated, take the antibiotics prescribed and test again next week.

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