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prolapse advice anyone?

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Topofthemorning3 Wed 23-Mar-16 15:52:49

Consultant has confirmed a bladder prolapse and referred me to a physio. He said that as I was breast feeding and had a weak pelvic floor, there was nothing to be done until I've finished BF and done my exercises.
I've seen the physio twice and am doing my pelvic floor exercises etc.
I've had 3 children (last one is 8m) and will not be having any more.

I am becoming more and more aware of my prolapse. By the end of the day, it feels like I want to push everything up and I can feel it down below. I'm having trouble controlling my bladder - it leaks a little when I need to go and when I get to the loo, I urgently need to go. Also, I'm having trouble controlling wind and I'm beginning to notice the same urgency with no 2s.

I guess, being on mat leave, my day is my own so I can manage these problems ok but I'm going back to work soon and I'm getting a bit worried about these little embarrassments!!

So my question is - how much do you put up with before you push for more drastic measures and are there other things I can look into other than surgery? I'm not one to make a fuss and wondering if this will just get better the more my body heals after having my last baby?

TreeHuggerMum1 Wed 23-Mar-16 21:07:53

I've just had Urodynamics tests today due to incontinence and mild prolapse, have 3 DC's and no more.
They told me today I leak an awful lot for my age (36) and that they think the cons will suggest some sort of surgery, but no idea what sort, I have to wait until I see the consultant in a few weeks.
I don't have any words of wisdom, I just want you to know you're not alone. flowers

cravingcake Thu 24-Mar-16 02:16:07

Keep doing your pelvic floor exercises religiously. It will take a while to see the difference (a few months) though.

I had a bladder and bowel prolapse (cystocele and rectocele) and had surgery about 15 months ago and unfortunately for me both have returned but not to the same extent so I have been advised by my consultant to do 6 months back at physio and if not improved by then I am left with either live with it as it is (not really an option) or further and much more intense surgery involving mesh which I really don't want to have.

There is a thread on here for prolapse which is very good.

shrunkenhead Sat 26-Mar-16 08:35:51

I had tvt tape op to fix my bladder. Leaked when I coughed/sneezed/ran/laughed/did star jumps had to wear Tena lady. The op really helped and thst was 7 years ago. Still awaiting an op to help with no 2 urgency incontinence...
Like you I had prolspses.

WhoKnowsWhereTheChocolateGoes Sat 26-Mar-16 08:42:42

Exercises are unlikely to reverse the heavy, dragging feeling, but can help with controlling leaks. There are other steps you can take which should help stop things gettin worse, avoiding high impact exercise, avoiding very heavy lifting/pushing/pulling and training youdf to engage PF muscles and core to protect yourself when you are lifting etc. I know it's hard when you have young DCs. Google Michelle Kenway, she's a pelvic floor physio with a blog and youtube channel, lots of goid advice there.

shrunkenhead Sat 26-Mar-16 10:22:44

I think they suggest pf exercises first and then when they dont help offer something more substantial.

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