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Terrified that my DP may have cancer

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MamaAwayOnBusiness Wed 23-Mar-16 12:50:13

My DP had ulcerative colitis twenty years ago. It was severe and he ended up having his large intestine removed and a pouch installed. He is generally doing well, taking care what he eats etc... This past weekend he had rectal bleeding for a couple of days which has now stopped. He has also been feeling generally under the weather for weeks on end this winter, tired, succumbing to every cold virus going around. He was seen by GP yesterday and had his bloods taken this morning. I understand that this is all investigation NHS will do at this instance.

All I did was some general reading, and I gather that ulcerative colitis adds to the risk of bowel cancer. I lost a dear person to bowel cancer couple of years ago (not family of DP) and I haven't slept properly in the last couple of days. He was fine and well and then suddenly -bam- he was diagnosed and in less than a year he was gone. I'm so terrified for my DP. I obviously haven't told him how worried I am, but I feel I need to talk to someone. Does anyone know if he should request further investigation if his bloods come back OK since he is in the increased risk group?

Indantherene Wed 23-Mar-16 12:54:05

Yes he should. I had bowel cancer 5 years ago. It took 7 months of GP visits before they referred me because my bloods said there was nothing wrong.

FWIW mine had spread to the lymph nodes by the time I had surgery but I'm still here and well grin

MamaAwayOnBusiness Wed 23-Mar-16 13:50:38

Thank you Indantherene, I think he should insist on more searches. I don't know much about NHS's processes and how these things are dealt with (don't want to burden the NHS unnecessarily) but his combination of symptoms and risks is scary.

Good to hear you had a good outcome, that must have been scary. flowers

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