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Post baby period affected by taking the pill

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Nafnaf Mon 21-Mar-16 20:41:37

After my baby was born my period didn't return until 11 months later (breastfed for 10 months). On the advice of my GP i started taking the pill on the first day of my period. However I then bled for over 8 weeks, the only way to stop it was to stop taking the pill. I should say i didn't double up on packets had the normal 7 day break in between packets but i bled through this.

So, my next period I did the same again, started taking the pill on the first day of my period. Same thing happened again, only this time I lasted 6 weeks before the bleeding got too much and stopped taking the pill.

I now haven't taken the pill for months, in the hope that if i give my body chance to sort out my cycle i can re start the pill again in a few months.

Before i got pregnant I was on the pill for 10 years+, never had any issues with it, periods were always really regular. I'm keen to go back on the pill asap, (less for contraception), my periods were much lighter pre-baby and I miss not being able to double up packets and skip my period for a month.
Has anybody else experienced this? Should I hold out a while longer, or just go back on the pill keep my fingers crossed and hope the bleeding eventually stops?

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