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Flu - how long will it last?

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PastaLaFeasta Sun 20-Mar-16 15:41:59

I've been in bed since Monday and deteriorated into a distugusting mess with a four hourly paracetamol habit trying to sleep off the nightmare. I got laryngitis early on but it seems to be lifting finally, the sinuses on the other hand are not giving up - right side is causing pain in face and jaw. A tiger is helping. The worst is the constant nausea, I haven't been able to eat or drink much. I can't stand and just about stumble to the loo but DH is almost better (he hasn't been so ill) and threatening to go back to work - I have two kids and a school run which is tough normally due to other health problems. When will this end? It's like the worst hangover ever with a bad cold on top.

PastaLaFeasta Sun 20-Mar-16 15:43:09

Actifed not a tiger, wah, a tiger may be a more permanent solution.

IsmellSwell Sun 20-Mar-16 15:46:18

I feel your pain. I'm laid up as well. I know what you mean about not being able to stand for any length of time.

IsmellSwell Sun 20-Mar-16 15:47:18

I have the constant nausea as well.

PastaLaFeasta Sun 20-Mar-16 19:44:46

The fecking nausea is awful, I vomited and am struggling not to again. I really need a wash but would probably pass out.

I'm wondering if the GP might prescribe an anti sickness drug. My temp is much lower now and snot isn't such a luminous yellow anymore. But this nausea is intolerable, I have vomiting, almost to phobia levels and my wee is like orange juice sad Is the end in sight? Please....

PastaLaFeasta Sun 20-Mar-16 19:53:03

Oh just vomited again, trying to drink rehydration sachet.

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