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extreme sport and high blood pressure?

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BatteryOperatedBoyfriend Sun 20-Mar-16 08:01:50

DH has high blood pressure. Not on any drugs, just been told by GP to loose weight and get fitter.

This was 2 years ago and has not really made any changes (that have lasted for more than a month or 2). So still has high blood pressure.

He has decided he wants to do a 12k muddy assault course, you know the type? It's in about 10 weeks time. I appreciate that he will try and be healthy and fit between now and then and it would be a great achievement, which might encourage him to continue his fitness. However surely it's unlikely to lower his blood pressure to a safe level to do the course safely?

If you have high blood pressure and put your body under a lot of strain, could it be very dangerous.

I want to support him, but it scares me.

mercifulTehlu Sun 20-Mar-16 08:10:19

He should ask the doctor if it's ok to do it. I took up running years ago to bring down my bp, but I did it very gradually. It depends what his level of fitness is now and how full-on the event will be (and probably on how high his bp actually is). People collapse doing those kind of events. My old running coach said it's almost always men who do, because they tend to think they can just go and do it with minimal or no training because they used to be fit 20 years ago!

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