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GP won't give me a higher dose of sertraline as i'm too thin....

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Icedgemsarerealfood Sat 19-Mar-16 19:17:59

Long backstory of health anxiety, CBT and SSRI's.

I recently tried to come off of sertraline and it didn't go well so i've been back on it for 8 weeks (50mg). I went to the GP yesterday to say that although I feel better I don't feel 100% at all and feel like I might want to go up to 75mg or 100mg instead (I have also discussed with therapist who thinks this is a positive step forward as i've previously been quite anxious about meds).

GP was very weary and said she would like me to do at least another two months on 50mg before discussing going up to 75/100. She said I am 'quite small and thin' and she was concerned the side effects would be quite bad and put me off taking my tablets. I did get very bad side effects when I started but worked through them with my therapist and GP.

I don't understand what my weight has to do with it? They give these meds to children who obviously weigh less than me, i've never seen or read any evidence that weight has a bearing on side effects?

I feel like I need to be more assertive but just end up nodding along and say yes yes thats fine.

lougle Sat 19-Mar-16 19:37:47

The dose in a low-weight person will be higher per kg than in a bigger person. You're right that side effects don't necessarily correlate neatly with mg/kg, but it stands to reason that a relatively higher dose for you could give harsher side effects because of your low weight. She's not saying don't do it, just allow yourself to stabilise at 50mg.

Icedgemsarerealfood Sat 19-Mar-16 22:22:38

Thanks smile

I suppose I'd just worked myself up to asking and hadn't thought she might say no!

2ndSopranosRule Sun 20-Mar-16 16:21:45

Alternatively, you could consider another medication. I hated sertraline: it made me feel almost manic. I'm on citalopram now.

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