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Blepharitis again

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Melbournemel Fri 18-Mar-16 15:42:35

I've had blepharitis on and off all of my adult life. Usually a good routine of scrubbing and heat massage work but I got it worse than ever last November and although the worst of it has cleared, it's still lingering and driving me mental sad I use ocusoft lid scrub and I have tried changing all cosmetics etc but it hasn't made a difference. It is only in my left eye now (I have always been more prone to it on the left), the rim is constantly red and the eye gets watery very easily, with the occasional lump or blister. When I scrub in the morning, I find there is often a big flake of eyelash dandruff stuck in the lashes. I've tried not wearing makeup, and this doesn't help. When I do wear makeup, even just foundation, the eye gets red sore and watery. Please help me get rid, once and for all!

EddieVeddersfoxymop Fri 18-Mar-16 18:51:54

I get this too, especially at this time of year when my spring hay fever starts. I also have a "thing" for heavy eyeliner which takes on a hint of Alice Cooper when the watering starts.

It sounds to me like you're scrubbing, and forgive me , but I dont know what ocusoft lid scrub is. The best advice I was given from my GP was to dilute johnsons baby shampoo 1:5 with warm water and gently pat it down with clean cotton wool. Do this as many times as day as you need. Bugger me, it works though so I alwys keep a bottle in the house despite my baby being 8 now....

Melbournemel Fri 18-Mar-16 23:53:43

The ocusoft is a bottle of foaming wash that's made specially for blepharitis. It's bloody expensive but does much the same job as the baby shampoo (which I can't use as it causes eczema around my eyes). I went for an eye test this evening and it turns out my eyesight has deteriorated a little and the optician reckons this might be causing the blepharitis. Hopefully new glasses will sort me out smile I hear you on the eyeliner! Got a load of lovely makeup at xmas and haven't been able to try any of it out yet sad

hellsbells99 Sat 19-Mar-16 00:57:05

Op, I had to have this operated on last year. In my case, the consultant told me it was linked to rosacea and oily skin secretions. The best advice he gave was using a heated eye mask daily and an 8 week course of antibiotics every time my skin was playing up. Also using a cotton bud soaked in hot water and pressed against the underneath of the eyelid.

hellsbells99 Sat 19-Mar-16 01:01:58

I was also told that my eyesight had got worse due to the cyst that had formed putting pressure on the eyeball and distorting it. Once the cyst was drained, my eyesight returned to normal.

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