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NHS Choose & book appt at private hospital

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MyVisionsComeFromSoup Fri 18-Mar-16 12:59:13

I'm going round in circles here - anyone any advise?

Made a C&B appt for this Monday, it's at a private hospital which has the shortest waiting times, will take me about two hours to get there.

Online the system tells me the appt is provisional till they've reviewed it, and I'll get a letter. Letter hasn't come, so I ring the hospital, who eventually work out where to transfer me to, which is an answerphone. Have left a message, but no reply yet.

Rang Choose & Book, who read out what the online system says, and suggest I ring the hospital.

So, who can I contact to see if I do actually have an appointment or not? Bearing in mind it's now lunchtime on Friday, and appt is on Monday. As far as I can see, there's no PALS as it's not an NHS hospital, I think the NHS clinic is there once a fortnight, so won't be there till Monday, and I need to leave the house first thing to get there on time.

Doesn't help that what I'm being investigated for is causing brain fog, so I can't think straight atm, so it may be I've missed something really obvious.

MyVisionsComeFromSoup Fri 18-Mar-16 13:22:37

hah, the hospital must be stalking me on here, have just had a text confirmation grin

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