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Please come and reassure me! Blood test and liver function result.

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YerTiz Fri 18-Mar-16 10:14:26

I had a fasting blood test earlier in the week - a general health check as I had very low blood pressure in February (although it was more normal again a couple of weeks ago).

Anyway, I've been asked to have another blood test in May as the result for liver function was "out of range".

The nurse told me sometimes people have that but at a second test its back to normal. I recently had that horrible flu bug - could that have affected it?

lljkk Fri 18-Mar-16 10:41:28

"out of range" might be normal & healthy for you. "Out of range" means they haven't met people like you before that are perfectly healthy, not that your liver definitely has problems.

99% of medical tests are false alarms, I'm convinced of that.

YerTiz Fri 18-Mar-16 11:08:44

Thanks lljkk, I hope so!

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