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Constantly I'll for months can anyone shed any light please

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thinkingofayear Wed 16-Mar-16 19:17:39

I am generally healthy no problems and in my early 30s a bit overweight but not massively massively so, I don't smoke and I don't drink at all.

Before last December I had never been to hospital apart from to have my children.

I had a baby in October , normal delivery etc etc then in December I woke up with pain when I breathed in. I ignored it and took paracetamol and rushed about to school Christmas plays etc, that evening I fainted in the house so I went to the out of Hours doctor and fainted all over their reception desk blush so got rushed into hospital by ambulance. I spent a week in hospital with pneumonia . By January I felt a bit better but kept getting under the weather not 100%. A second ct scan confirmed the pneumonia was better.

February I again managed to faint with a temperature and generally feeling ill, I took myself to a and e this time but as soon as I saw the triage nurse I got rushed through to the "resus" bit (again) because my heart was going so fast and my temp so high.

I spent another 5 days in hospital apparently I had tonsillitis and sepsis ( according to the discharge sheet!)

Home for 2 days (!) then started getting ill again went to my gp who sent me straight back to hospital this time it was flu (confirmed with swabs) and again sepsis this time with "acute kidney injury" whatever that is.

It's a week later and I am feeling so exhausted , I feel a little under the weather and my cough that I had with the flu has started to feel a little worse although not chesty again. I just posted in chat asking about moisteriser because my skin on my face is so sore.

I am totally sick of this, I just want to feel well!! It's not as if I have anything serious wrong with me I've had tonsilitis and flu! I just don't get why I keep getting so Ill.

It's not even just a little thing each time I have been rushed in loads of fuss people running round with oxygen etc it's ridiculous! It's sounds stupid but I have found it quite traumatic!

I was on citalopram for 18 months before any of this and it was changed to sertraline a few weeks ago but tbh I don't know if I feel worse because of that or worse because I've been illconfused

Can anyone talk to me about this

RichardHead Thu 17-Mar-16 13:47:15

flowers what a shitty time you've had.

I've sort of had similar, baby born in September but then a few weeks later a very close bereavement and basically didn't sleep at all for a week. I got very unwell with swollen lymph nodes that didn't return to normal and had to be scanned to check for lymphoma etc.

Now I'm just getting over pneumonia, not as serious as yours and I didn't need to go into hospital but had two lots of antibiotics from the GP. I've never felt so ill in my life or for so long. I didn't get out of bed for 2 weeks.

It's just felt like one thing after another and I have felt like I'm slipping towards PND with it all but I think I'm starting to feel a bit more positive.

Just wanted to give you a hand to hold

thinkingofayear Thu 17-Mar-16 15:10:45

Thanks sorry to hear you had a hard time too.

Well the latest I saw a doctor about my eyes which are really sore and I now have excema all around my eyes- I've never had this before !

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