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What's wrong with me? 😞

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FeelingPoop Wed 16-Mar-16 15:14:52

A couple of gp's diagnosed me with a rumbling appendix back in September. They sent me to surgical admissions where a consultant then sent me home to wait for the appendix to become acute.
Since then, nothing much has changed. I have a swollen abdomen, pains in the lower right, fever, extreme fatigue and occasional vomiting. I've also had hair loss. My appetite and bowel movements are fine when I'm able.

I've had an abdominal scan, blood tests and urine samples tested. I'm thinking of booking another appt with my gp but I don't know what to ask for? Or what I even expect him to do. Has anyone experienced anything like this or does anyone have advice on what I can suggest to my gp?

Indantherene Wed 16-Mar-16 17:42:06

That doesn't sound right, poor you.

My (adult) DS had lots of abdominal pain/sickness etc and everyone was convinced it was appendix. When they admitted him and did a scan of the appendix there was nothing wrong with it. Months later they discovered one of his kidneys had died and burst shock.

Have they checked your kidneys?

FeelingPoop Wed 16-Mar-16 18:00:44

shock that sounds awful, your poor DS! They've checked kidney function via blood tests so it would have probably shown something then I would have thought? Other than that, no specific kidney checks. It's something I could maybe ask my gp for.

I keep getting an odd hive type rash too, all over my stomach and neck. Nowhere else though.

80schild Wed 16-Mar-16 21:43:49

You definitely need to go back to GP. Significant weight loss is a proper symptom.

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