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Please come and talk to me about your experience of EPILEPSY - do you/did you do your DCs/did your DCs have it?

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noodlingabout Tue 15-Mar-16 11:54:17

I have two children with a recent diagnosis of epilepsy and am struggling to get information on a couple of things. I can find pretty vague stuff online but here is a gap between the epilepsy support groups which give general and generally reassuring info and academic papers/forums which scare me to death.

I know everyone is different and epilepsy is unpredictable but I'm interested to know particularly about memory and education. I'd like to hear about YOUR experience please. I know ours will be different but I am short of 'real life' examples of what epilepsy can actually mean for real people.

Is your/your DCs memory affected? To what extent? Our consultant talks about an 'epilepsy cognitive profile' but won't be drawn on what that means. What has your experience of education and educational attainment been?

I'd be very grateful for any information or experiences you'd care to share.

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