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6 year old DS with tummy pain for more than 2 weeks

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Tui0911 Tue 15-Mar-16 05:42:33

Help! I am really just after someone to tell me they've been there and it's ok, it resolves itself...

DS woke up over 2 weeks ago with tummy pain. Vomiting started the next day and that continued for 3 days. He got dehydrated so we were referred to the hospital. At the hospital he got fluids and we were sent home... At this stage we thought it's s virus.

But tummy pain continued. DS would be fine in the mornings. Come 4 pm he would get tummy pain again that interfered with his sleep. Then vomiting started again and he would vomit once or twice in the evening.

We went back to the hospital 4 times. He had bloods, urine samples, 2 x-rays and an ultrasound. All fine except for slightly enlarged lymph nodes on left side where the pain is.

Fifth time we got admitted. The pedi we saw is convinced it's gastritis caused bu viral illness. They are also checking for celiac and h-pylori. We don't have these results back yet.

DS seems to be improving slightly on omeprazole. We are getting discharged tonight and I am freaking out he will 'relapse' once at home. He was great this morning but ahain slight tummy pain this evening although for the first time in two weeks he ate some dinner.

I am of course worried they are missing something but doctors are convinced it's not serious and will resolve with time.

Reassurance please?

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