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Should I go to the docs tomorrow...or go to work?

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CleopatrasDaughter Sun 13-Mar-16 20:30:46

I've had something - flu, nasty cold, I dont know? - for 10 days now. I honestly haven't been this ill in years sad.

Symptoms keep changing. At first I thought it was tonsillitis, as my throat was swollen and extremely sore and I had a raging temperature. The last few days the sore throat has gone, but I have a cough, am full of snot, headache, my whole body aches, my (old) c-section scar is throbbing and I have lost about half a stone and look deathly.

I was completely bedbound and unable to do anything for 7 days (from Friday-Thursday). Went to work on Friday as I was feeling a tiny bit better, but was sent home at lunchtime as was too ill to do anything. I have been back in bed all weekend. I can sit up, talk, drink, eat a little now, but if I stand up for more than a few minutes my head bangs and I feel weak and have to lie down again.

Not sure why a doctor can do? But surely I should be getting better by now?

I also have a big week at work, very important presentation on Wednesday, and feel like shit about it. Should I struggle in tomorrow, or rest in the hope I am better by Weds, or go the doc?

Head spinning. Advice needed!

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Sun 13-Mar-16 20:41:12

Sounds a lot like the flu! If it is it really can last that long, and there is not much you can do about it. I honestly wouldn't struggle in tomorrow, if you wear yourself out you might take longer to get better. I would just stay at home and rest. Keep an eye on temperature etc. and drink plenty of fluids. If you feel dire/worse see a doctor, but otherwise I would stay home. Hope you feel better soon flowers

booksandcoffee Sun 13-Mar-16 20:42:18

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so lousy. If the symptoms don't change in a big way then you definitely should not be at work. If your head bangs and you have to lie down you can hardly do your job. A pharmacist should be able to help you, or at least confirm whether you need to see a doctor. Get well soon. [Flowers]

BobandKate0H Wed 16-Mar-16 17:55:55

Hope you are better Cleo - sounds a bit like some food poisoning,but i came on here to ask about toilet stuff.
As yesterday i was on a train for hours desperate to use the loo,both number 1 & 2 - but station toilets closed,burger king toilets closed i was in a lot of pain - like a sharp wire being tightened around my waist.
What could happen if i had to keep walking miles looking for a toilet,would i start bleeding inside - i was getting dizzy with the pain.
It was only when i asked some place to phone me an ambulance that they unlocked and said to use the disabled toilet,but even after i had been - the pain stayed for another hour.
Can you phone 999 just to use a toilet ?

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