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Can I be signed off for this? Is it fair for me to be?

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iwantthegroundtoswallowmeup Sun 13-Mar-16 16:31:15

Hi all,

(Sorry bit long and whingey)

I'm currently awaiting results of a blood test. I've been suffering from constant nausea (vomiting at least once a week) with abdominal/pelvis pain and bloating. Also have horrendous periods that occur every two weeks with horrible cramps. sad

I've had to have a few days off for this and have been going to work even though I don't feel well because I'm only on a contract and am worried about sickness record. The quality of my work is really starting to suffer which is also making my anxiety worse. I'm also hating the job at the moment and will probably be handing in my notice this week anyway.

Would it be unreasonable for me to be asked to be signed off for a bit just to give myself time to recover even though the blood test might not show anything? I was going to ask when I have my appointment this week.

Many thanks for reading

holeinmyheart Sun 13-Mar-16 16:38:10

You poor thing, you should definately get signed off. It sounds horrendous. I wonder if it could be an ovarian cyst? Plus appendix
Your symptoms sound a lot like the ones that I had.
Go for getting signed off ....and hope you feel better soon.

iwantthegroundtoswallowmeup Sun 13-Mar-16 17:07:19

Hi Holeinmyheart, thank you so much for getting back to me.

What was it that you had? (If you don't mind me asking).

I did wonder if it was a cyst... I had blood tests for PCOS about 2 and a half years ago, the first showed a higher level of Prolactin but was only slightly elevated so I Had a second one which showed normal levels, so they just suggested going on the pill and that was that. (Really don't want to go on the pill) I was stil having the periods roughly every two weeks so went back a year later. Again my levels were normal and it was put down to anxiety. Only went back again as having the nausea and bloating etc and the latest dr thinks it's all related.

I'm glad it's not my appendix (had it out about 10'years ago). Just sick of feeling ill but don't want people to be more pissed off with me at work and worried dr won't think I'm ill enough but I feel terrible every morning sad

holeinmyheart Sun 13-Mar-16 17:19:46

I had an ovarian cyst. My symptoms were bloating, nausea, intermittent horrible pain in my left abdomen, vomiting towards the end. I also had an appendicitis.
I was bloody ill.

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