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Motheroffourdragons Fri 11-Mar-16 22:46:04

My brother and nephew are epileptic, both since adolescence, controlled by medicine.
I have ( as my user name suggests) 4 children. The oldest three are absolutely fine, no issues, but we had a moment with my youngest who is 17 this morning. I had to take him to school, normally he walks, it is not far, but on Fridays he has to take his cello with him, so if it is easy I take him. When we got to school, it seemed like i had to wake him from a deep sleep, he was groggy and disorientated. Tbh, I didn't think too much about it then. He came home from school this evening, and he's had a bad day, piano lesson didn't go well, he was unable to play scales, etc etc). He then decided not to stay after school for his cello lesson (unheard of). Once home, he fell asleep on an armchair for about 2 hours (which is something my brother used to do after a fit, although in bed, not in a chair).
I have to say while writing this I feel stupid, as this is the first time I have thought this, apart from one fainting episode when he was about thirteen.(which was also very strange).
Given the family history ( and we have none upwards really as my mother was orphaned as a child), should I just wait to see if anything else happens, or should I take him (or send him lol , he is 17) to the GP ?


Flowerfae Sat 12-Mar-16 19:08:26

Hi smile

Myself and my son have epilepsy... I have complex partial seizures (I had tonic clonic seizures when I was little). When I have a seizure I get a strong feeling of deja vue, I feel like my throat is closing up and I have a feeling of going down a steep hill or rollarcoaster in my stomach, afterwards I'm really tired. I also have this feeling like everything is going in slow motion.

My son who is 11 has what we think are complex partial seizures and tonic clonic - he also has autism so can't communicate that well but he explains the complex partial seizures as red or blue seizures, red ones he feels hot, dizzy and has a headache afterwards and tired... a blue seizure he feels cold, his lips go blue and he has what he calls 'wobbly legs' and he can't stand.

Ask him if he gets any strange feelings (deja vue is usually at the start of them). It doesn't really feel like fainting and I have always remembered the partial seizures because I am sort of aware smile

Motheroffourdragons Sat 12-Mar-16 22:45:57

So I have asked him today, and he reckons he was just 'out of it'. My brother had back in the day ' grand mal' seizures, I'm thinking that's tonic-clonic, my nephew has similar.
I myself have a lot of deja vue and I had read there were connections.
Thank you flowerfae, you have described really well what happens and helped me a lot.
I hope your and your son's conditions are under control, I know from my family's experiences that it can be tricky. flowers for you both.

Flowerfae Sun 13-Mar-16 16:00:49

Yes the 'Tonic Clonic' are the 'Grand mal' thats what they were known as when I was little, don't know when they changed the name smile

aww just keep an eye on him, might be something causing him to go like that, could be that he's just really tired from school but still might be worth getting him checked out if it continues.

smile xx

KurriKurri Sun 13-Mar-16 17:37:27

My niece was diagnosed with epilepsy in her mid teen after her first grand mal seizure, She had always been a very dreamy sort of child - in her own world, and after her diagnosis they found that she was having extremely frequent (almost constant sometimes) petit mal absences, she's in her thirties now and on constant medication and has had an op.

My brother also had epilepsy - but he had cerebral palsy which often involves epilepsy -so not sure if it is a family thing or a coincidence.

I think I'd keep an eye on him, it might as he says have been a bad day, but at least you are aware of the possibility so can monitor excessive tiredness etc. (My niece sleeps solidly for about 24 hrs after a seizure, She tires very quickly - her epilepsy is quite severe.)

Motheroffourdragons Sun 13-Mar-16 21:48:40

Thank you flowerfae and kurrikurri. I'm sure it's nothing, just being silly, but the lack of awareness worried me.
Funnily enough my husbands brother also had cerebral palsy but didn't have fits. I'll keep an eye for now. He's been absolutely fine for the last couple of days.

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