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clenil / brown inhaler question

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Clarella Fri 11-Mar-16 17:15:29


I started this 5-6 weeks ago, x8 puffs (800) a day.

I recently began to feel often great. Which is great - I assumed I was feeling better as asthma (new) was controlled and I was getting a tad more oxygen. but I was tested last year for low cortisol / addisons, which was clear then. Obviously they'd asked if I'd ever had steroids, which at that point was a no. Now I'm questioning if I'm currently getting some steroids into my bloodstream from the clenil? Is this likely?

I think the dose will be reduced when I go back to the nurse or even taken off totally. I'm just wondering if I'm now getting a false sense of feeling well due to it?!

I'm only asking to a) discuss with GP and b) I'm telling everyone how well I feel, including work - but wonder if I should be prepared not to feel so great when the dose is dropped!

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