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I have a GP appointment but...

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Mrsmorton Thu 10-Mar-16 17:52:02

I know it's not going to diagnose anything!

I'm bone crushingly tired, trying to lose weight but putting it on, my skin is itchy and dry and my fingers go numb at night. These symptoms have all arisen since the new year so I wonder if they are all connected?

I just know that my blood tests will be fine because they always are, my heart rate is about 50 despite the fact that I can only bear to exercise twice a week because it wipes me out so much, my blood pressure is on the low side of normal.

I hardly drink, I sleep well (thanks to some medication for night sweats which I do not want to stop taking).

So if nothing comes from the appointment I think I'll feel worse than I do now; at least now there's the possibility something is awry and can be fixed. Am I going to feel like this forever and continue expanding?

Does anyone have any advice on what I can say to the GP if there's no cause to be found?

DaftLemon Thu 10-Mar-16 17:54:05

Have you asked if it could be thyroid related before ?

BennyTheBall Thu 10-Mar-16 17:55:45

Have you had a blood test since the new year and the other symptoms you listed?

LoveBoursin Thu 10-Mar-16 17:57:26

The GP is likely to want to run some blood tests again.
Even if the blood test are ok, that is the ones he has done, ot doesn't mean there is nothing wrong with you!
I would advise you to write down the list you have made on here and add any other symptoms you might have (eg falling asleep everywhere, being cold, achy, etc etc) so you can give the GP a full picture.
Plus do find e ample of how tired you are, eg struggle to be awake after 8.00pm, struggle to go up the stairs wo being short of breath COMPARE to how you were 3,6,10 months ago.

Katymac Thu 10-Mar-16 17:58:30

Check things like B12, Folic Acid (not just iron) & vitamin D

Mrsmorton Thu 10-Mar-16 18:01:36

I've not had this combination of symptoms before so no, never asked about thyroid but have had lots of blood tests for night sweats. Haven't seen the GP this year so no tests.

I will write down the list of symptoms because I have forgotten some just writing them here.

Tired enough that I can sleep for four hours during the day and then for nine hours at night (day off yesterday) and still be nodding off by 11am. My weekends just involve sleep. That's a great idea Boursin because this time last year I was doing an awful lot more than I do now.

Katymac Thu 10-Mar-16 18:28:06

TBH even if your Vit D isn't low I would really consider high dose Vit D - there is a lot of information on-line suggesting the RDA is enough to stop you getting rickets (or the adult version) but that in order to get enough from your diet you'd need to eat about a pound of pickled herring a day

jalopy Fri 11-Mar-16 16:46:56

Have you ever had an ecg?

Mrsmorton Fri 11-Mar-16 16:53:01

jalopy no I haven't.

I have an appointment on Monday, I usually find it hard to get all of the symptoms out... I will start with the tiredness, weight gain and the rashes and see what is suggested. I don't think I could ask for an ECG? I'm hoping for some blood tests and go from there.

Thank you for replying, what do you think an ECG might show?

jalopy Fri 11-Mar-16 17:18:23

I only mentioned it because you said your heart rate is 50. That's a bit on the slow side, unless you are super fit! If it's persistently slow it might be worth mentioning to your gp at your next appointment.

JellyBabiesSaveLives Fri 11-Mar-16 17:45:54

Ask to see the results of the blood tests. I had a doctor this week tell me my levels were all normal. The Vit D one is 21; normal is 50 and above! Below 25 is severely deficient. Saw a different doctor who prescribed 40,000 IU a day - I really think he meant to do 4,000. Anyhow the pharmacist couldn't fulfil my prescription so I bought myself some 10,000 IU ones OTC.

Vit D and B-complex - you may as well buy some and start taking. If you don't need it you'll wee it out!

Mrsmorton Fri 11-Mar-16 17:51:48

I'I was thinking about getting some OTC vitamins but I thought I'd wait for some tests first, to make sure I'm not masking anything?

I'd love a GP to explain the rational of the first GP jellybabies, why on earth would they say that was normal?

jalopy I'm definitely not super fit! I expect they will listen to my heart on Monday? It is slow, sometimes it keeps me awake at night because I'm aware of it. Not sure if that's related though... (I can hear it echoing in my mattress).

JellyBabiesSaveLives Fri 11-Mar-16 18:40:15

Thats probably a good idea - but if they don't test for vit d and b12, take those anyway!

And I think the first doctor didn't read down to the end of the page!

Equiem89 Fri 11-Mar-16 18:44:01

Get your blood test results from the GP and check every result. The NHS levels of normal are much lower than what is optimum

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