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Piles?! I'm very uncomfortable 😕

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Namechanged4 Wed 09-Mar-16 20:48:32

Sorry but I had to name change.

I think I have piles but I'm not certain. For info; not pregnant and have not given birth. I have chronic constipation and due to an upper GI issue. I am on a low fibre diet and actually, at the moment, most of my caloric intake is liquid (fortisip and ensure). I am taking lactulose and senakot, waiting to be seen by gastro. In the mean time, I need to see a dr because I can't sit on my bottom. I have put it off because I am embarrassed. I've used anusol and scheriproct as I assumed it was piles but perhaps not?

I have no bleeding but I've had a good look and all I can see is wrinky pink skin is my perianal area. It's quite pink and looks like a small raisin. It's sore.

Please help.

Namechanged4 Wed 09-Mar-16 20:55:29

Just wanted to add that I'm not itchy or in pain,may such, but I do feel uncomfortable down there. 😁

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