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loopyloo87 Wed 09-Mar-16 17:02:54

Hi I've been experiencing headaches since last April which effects the back of my head it lasted 3 days by which time I went to my dr she said it couldn't be migraine because that effects the front of the head so didn't know what it was I was thinking brain bleed sad..
However the headache went but every couple of months I'm still getting headaches last month it was the side of my head but last night the pounding started at the back of my head.. I did have tenderness in the back of my neck and shoulders Nurofen plus shifted the headache.
I am so worried about these headaches has anyone suffered pain in the back of the head? Someone told me if it was a migraine Nurofen wouldn't touch it ;(

Pickitup Tue 22-Mar-16 12:27:14

Go back to the doctors. Ask them about tension and rebound headaches

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