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Dental crowns, should they go to gumline?

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happyis Tue 08-Mar-16 23:13:54

Sorry if I'm in the wrong place, but I couldn't find a dental chat.

I've been having tooth ache last few days, but cannot work out where it is coming from. I have been taking a lot of time the last few days with my dental care, and have been very thorough when brushing and flossing. I've also been inspecting my teeth (the best I can) really closely to work out where the pain is coming from.

I have a metal crown over my back molar, before my wisdom tooth. I had a root canal down about 15 years ago. My new dentist recommended that I had it crowned to preserve the tooth. So around 18 months ago, he crowned the tooth.

I've just noticed that the top of the crown is around 5mm away from the gumline at the front and about 2mm at the back.I have a very narrow and over crowded mouth, so I haven't noticed before.i had to really stretch my mouth and go "cross-eyed" to see that far into my mouth.

The gum above that tooth is slightly tender so I'm wondering if this is the cause of my pain? Surely a crown should go right up to the gumline? If it turns out that this tooth is the cause of my pain, do I have any redress? The nhs website says I only have 12 months to complain!

Anyway I have an emergency appointment booked with the same dentist tomorrow about the tooth pain, what do I do?

Artistic Tue 08-Mar-16 23:19:44

I've had a similar situation with food trapped in that small gap making my gums tender. Had my crown replaced (with a 3D printed crown - not sure if it's relevant but it was designed to precision because of this) with no gap. Much much better! Am quite sure your sore gums are causing you pain but could be the tooth itself?! I hope they offer to replace your crown. Mine cost £600 and was covered by insurance so I did it privately.

happyis Wed 09-Mar-16 06:43:32

It was done under nhs, and was fitted over 12 months ago

I've booked an emergencappointment about the pain and will bring up the crown. even if the pain is nothing to do with the crowned tooth,it is still a very bady done job which will shorten the too ths life rather than extends it.

My predictive text is being very temperamental this morning!

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