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Something strange is going on in my vaginal area

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abyssiniam8 Tue 08-Mar-16 11:53:46

I suffer with ibs so spent a fair amount of time on the loo. Its fluctuates a lot between constipation and diarrhoea, as a result have a few haemorrhoids.

When I wiped recently, I had this terrible pain from vagina area.. a real sharp stingy type pain. So I thought I had better get a mirror and take a look, and found just inside the vaginal opening, a pimple type spot, but also just next to that just on the outside of the opening, is only what I can describe as a haemorrhoid type thing. Its like that but long and stretched is the only way to describe it. And it was also painful, at first it felt like a rip of some kind.

Now, I have no idea if its always been there, I have to say that I haven't taken a mirror to the area in the longest time. I had some Canestan which I used for a few days, the pain has gone somewhat, the spot is still there but not as big, but this odd piece of skin is still there.

I haven't been sexually active since last year due to separation. My stbx had an affair some years back, although std tests were negative, I was under care of gynae for abnormal cells. I think if it was there then, surely the gynae would have noticed and mentioned something....

I have been using panty liners every day recently though (never the scented ones) because with my ibs I tend to leak a little if things are bad, so its really for that. I was wondering if I am reacting to the liners maybe. I am terrified now that its a wart or something dreadful like that. I know I need to probably just make the appointment to get it looked at, but I am also trying to hang on a few days to see if it goes away, I don't really want to go to our old male doctor about it if I can help it.....

sadie9 Tue 08-Mar-16 14:08:56

The pimple could just be that, a pimple. The other thing, could it be like a varicose vein of some sort? Or just a line of inflammation that has swelled up a bit, like from contact with pads or something? Like a welt, is that what it looks like?
Your male doctor has seen it all before, day in day out he is looking at womens bits. Yours won't be anything special. Is there a women's clinic near you, like a family planning clinic type place with a female doctor or nurse?

abyssiniam8 Tue 08-Mar-16 14:52:25

Sadie, yes something like a welt, like a skin tag but its not.

If it is no better by tomorrow I will make an appointment.

I tried to Google, but really, to be honest that just scared the bejeezus out of me, but I still didn't come across anything obvious that looks like my friend down there. I did see plenty of images that just cannot be unseen too shock

sadie9 Tue 08-Mar-16 15:08:38

You could try going without the liners for a couple of days see if that improves it. Oh yikes, I can't imagine Google coming back with anything comforting in that department. Maybe it was always there but the gynae has seen plenty like it so didn't mention it. Maybe if they used an instrument to gain access to abnormal cells that damaged some skin there. Good luck with it.

cherrytree63 Tue 08-Mar-16 15:40:06

Are you menopausal by any chance?
I had a surgical menopause, and have vaginal atrophy and a pelvic varicose vein that presses into my vagina, could it be that?
I think you can get the varicose so from other things (such as pregnancy), not necessarily the menopause.

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