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chest pain

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Fatty12 Tue 08-Mar-16 10:45:22


I hope someone can help me.

Lastnight out of the blue whilst chatting with dh i started to get chestpain on my leftside which was coming towards centre. And it was getting worse, so we rang for ambulance. Went hosp, they did all the tests and an xray and said everythings fine apart from abormal heart beat which i guess they were comparing to the previous record in 2012. (I suffered severe anxiety then)

Anyway at the end he said im very unlikely to have a heart attack because of my lifestyle/age/results of test results.

But he said he thinks its pericarditis and has prescribed strong pain killers - apparantly itll take 2 weeks to get better.

But im just thinking back i was holding my 5 month old and playing with him and im thinking its a pulled muscle.

I really would like to know if anyones experienced this.

The pain isnt there all the time but as and when i move it starts but isnt consistent. Having a 5 month old who i need to pick and put down in cot is having its toll!!

Also wouldn't muscular pain ease of with normal painkillers. I would need 2 take some really strong ones to ease this off.

Fatty12 Tue 08-Mar-16 10:48:48

It could also be stomach acid related because iv had that for years and right now I feel sick and have that acidy taste.

I just dont know. I need to stop thinking so much! Lol

Akire Tue 08-Mar-16 10:52:27

The doctor didn't say was pulled muscle he said was pericarditis.

See here

I would go with dr opinion than mine. Take those pain killers! By all means go to GP to discus it further but seems like hospital diagnoses is correct

Fatty12 Tue 08-Mar-16 10:54:39

Wow! I looked that up on google and thought none of the causes relate to me so maybe he's just 'assuming' because he said he thinks its that.

Thanks for your response smile

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