Is My Cervix Normal?

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thewocketinyourpocket Mon 07-Mar-16 23:03:18

I'm sorry to post something so... intimate... but this is something I've been paranoid about forever. I'm not sure if my cervix is "normal" or not. None of my doctors have ever said anything about it during exams, so I don't think I have a problem, but it's still something I'm obsessively curious about.

I've uploaded a picture to kind of illustrate what I'm talking about. It seems that in photos I see online, the cervix is circular with a hole in the middle, like a thick donut with a tiny hole. But my cervix feels like two triangular pieces, with one "flap" being longer than the other and the hope being a slit between the two. When I examine my cervical position, the first thing I touch is the uppermost tip of the larger "flap", and the hole/slit is on the left hand side of the whole shenanigan. If you hold your thumb against the highest knuckle of your index finger, that is exactly what my cervix feels like.

Is this normal??? Is anyone else like this, or am I just weird???

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Njay99 Tue 30-Apr-19 07:56:38

I am so glad you posted this because I felt the same thing on mine today. Your picture is identical to what I am feeling. I have recently started using menstrual cups the past 4 months and love it, so much cleaner and safer, but now I'm afraid it caused this change to cervix. I can't find anyone with same issue/question or any answers online anywhere. I am bummed no one has replied to you about it...did you ever figure this out?

kaffee Thu 09-Jan-20 10:15:56

Hi Njay99,

I have the very same thing going on and I cannot find anything about it on the net. I am a cup user, too, I started it years after I gave birth to my son and have been using it for at least 3 years now. I remember that at the beginning I had one time that the suction of the cup was very strong, it actually gave me cramps. It was then when I first felt that my cervix has the shape of what is on the drawing of the OP and I also was kind of worried that it might have been the cup causing it.
To be honest before I started using the cup I never really touched my cervix so I cannot tell it for sure how long this shape has been there. The other thing I can imagine is that it was the pregnancy/labour that caused this shape unless it was like this all along which again I cannot confirm nor deny.

I haven't been to an obgyn since I discovered this but had a cervical screen by a nurse and she was not saying anything (although I didn't ask). Let me know if you actually find out something about this, as I am very curious, too. Thank you!

RC85 Wed 10-Mar-21 17:49:56

I'm also glad you posted this, although it was a long time ago. It took me forever to find information that fits my problem. I am also a cup user and I know that my cervix wasn't always like that. It is somehow placed in the right side, not in the middle and one side stands out and is really firm, while the other side is soft and I can feel the opening on that soft left side. I have a doctor's appointment in two weeks

Skyliner001 Wed 10-Mar-21 18:41:29

Oh my goodness, I could've written this! My cervix is exactly what you have drawn, but it isn't that perfect circle with the little slit, there are some good pictures of the actual services online which can't be down, but I was so stressed when I first gave myself an internal examination! To the previous poster, 1/ half of mine is also a softer than the other, and mine feels like it's more towards the left hand side of my body if that makes sense

ariana2000 Wed 31-Mar-21 07:40:49

hi. thanks for posting here. i have same problem. im so worried. please let me know what your doctor said about this. is it normal or not ?

Walkaround Wed 31-Mar-21 22:35:12

It has never occurred to me to worry what my cervix looks like! confused
@thewocketinyourpocket - what exactly is it that you are worried about, because it cannot possibly be its aesthetic appearance, nor any major disease if you say doctors have examined you and not commented on it. Have you never been pregnant and are worried it’s a sign of an incompetent cervix or something?? Do you have normal periods? Why on earth are you worried about it?!


Walkaround Wed 31-Mar-21 22:37:03

And why would you imagine the cervix would be symmetrical or a perfect circular doughnut shape? What other bits of the human body do you expect to meet such ludicrous standards of perfection?

thewocketinyourpocket Thu 01-Apr-21 05:32:28

Okay, so, after 5 years, this post has somehow gotten attention again. I've learned quite a bit in those years, and would first like to address a few things:

Walkaround: Your replies come off as quite rude and condescending. Seriously. Idk if there's a stick up your cervix or if you're just preggo and hormonal or wtf is going on, but iimimI'ms sorry that my cervical concerns triggered some sort of dark awakening in you. Geez. It's pretty friggin' normal for folks to contemplate their body parts, ESPECIALLY when they don't resemble allll of the pictures seen online (which is evident by literally 12 private messages I've gotten in the past few hours). So away with ye, Ms. Judgey McJudgeypants!

Aaaaaand now the important stuff: The Update.

According to the GP who delivered kiddo: a slitted cervix, while not common, is not in the realm of anything unusual. Most women have the perfect circle donut hole. Some of us do not. After giving birth for the first time, it's also common for donut-cervixed women to have their cervical holes change from perfect circles to slits. Likewise, for us crab-claw cervixed gals, our cervical slits will become more pronounced.

Also, Doc said that sometimes it's just a matter of perspective. When we examine our cervixes with our fingers, we're going in an angled hole with angled fingers, and won't really be "head on" unless using a speculum. It might feel weird or off for some just because of the odd reach.

Who gets the creviced crab-claw and who doesn't is all up to biology. For what it's worth, I also have horrifically deep crevices in my molars that can't be reached by toothbrush, so maybe I'm just genetically creviced. And maybe you are, too!

So, for all the ladies wtf-ing at their oddly shaped cervix that seems to greatly deviate from donut to crab... First, your concerns are valid. Your curiosity is valid. And your body is valid, too. You're okay. A little odder than the majority, but well within the realm of a standard deviation. Crab-claw won't affect your pregnancies or periods, you aren't at higher risk for cervical erosion, and in the end, most women who have several children will end up with crab-claws, too.

I don't intend on responding to this post or private messages anymore, as I am preggo (again!) and feeling pretty moody. Let's let this thread sleep. (Wtf, why is there no sleep emoji?!)

Peace and health to all! daffodil

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Walkaround Thu 01-Apr-21 07:58:29

@thewocketinyourpocket - yes, I agree my post was rude. My cervix is a totally bizarre shape as it has had chunks removed from it. Paranoia about something that had been examined by doctors and is 100% healthy was triggering. You could have chosen a better word than paranoia for wondering whether healthy body parts can be more than one shape, as it is annoying if you read posts about the cervix because you actually have a reason to be interested in cervical health to find out that it’s just someone obsessed about how normal their healthy, functional, internal body part is, but who then worries several other people.

Walkaround Thu 01-Apr-21 08:00:51

Ps it was good of you to come back to explain, though, given the concerns others expressed. And I should, and therefore do, apologise for being rude. The cervix is a sensitive topic for me!

Annie5213 Sat 10-Apr-21 21:28:51

Do you think the cervix changes shape post partum? Iv just had baby number 3 and I can definitely see a change in the shape of my cervix no longer perfectly rounded. Does anyone think this is normal? I’m quite worried that it’s changed or seems a bit different

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