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Is My Cervix Normal?

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thewocketinyourpocket Mon 07-Mar-16 23:03:18

I'm sorry to post something so... intimate... but this is something I've been paranoid about forever. I'm not sure if my cervix is "normal" or not. None of my doctors have ever said anything about it during exams, so I don't think I have a problem, but it's still something I'm obsessively curious about.

I've uploaded a picture to kind of illustrate what I'm talking about. It seems that in photos I see online, the cervix is circular with a hole in the middle, like a thick donut with a tiny hole. But my cervix feels like two triangular pieces, with one "flap" being longer than the other and the hope being a slit between the two. When I examine my cervical position, the first thing I touch is the uppermost tip of the larger "flap", and the hole/slit is on the left hand side of the whole shenanigan. If you hold your thumb against the highest knuckle of your index finger, that is exactly what my cervix feels like.

Is this normal??? Is anyone else like this, or am I just weird???

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