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'Toasted Skin syndrome' after a winter sitting by the fire - will it disappear?

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Zingalinging Mon 07-Mar-16 12:50:12

I happened to look at my legs today after spending the last six months sitting at a desk with a space heater right next to my freezing cold feet/legs. I have got quite a serious case of 'Erythema ab igne' aka corned beef legs on my shins, and I am shocked and quite scared too. I had no idea it was happening (who examines their legs in winter, not me!), and Google says it might never go away and in the worst cases can lead to cancer shock

Well I don't think I have a worst case scenario but at the same time it is very obvious and makes me a bit worried about baring my legs in summer. Has anyone ever had this before and did it go away?

Zingalinging Mon 07-Mar-16 15:00:06


WellTidy Mon 07-Mar-16 15:04:16

I had something similar last weekend. I had a flu type virus from Friday to Tuesday, and the only place I was comfortable was in the bath. I was aching so much whenever I wasn't in the bath. And to be able to stay in the bath for as long as I wanted to, I made sure that the water was super hot, and I had a bath maybe six times a day.

My skin was so mottled and dry and incredibly itchy by the time I was better.

The only moisturiser that works for me is Flexitol foot cream, which contains 10% urea. I slathered myself all over in it daily. It isn't great smelling, and doesn't feel at all like a luxury product, but it works. They sell it in boots and superdrug. I've been putting that on every day, and my skin is fine now.

Joyediwata Sat 25-Feb-17 07:21:21

Hi there. I was wondering if you were able to cure your skin c

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