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Gallstones in 13yr old?

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AssembleTheMinions Mon 07-Mar-16 10:28:14

Dd2 has had 4 episodes of severe pain in her chest/upper stomach since September. The pain builds up and within an hour or so, is agonising and she feels like her chest is being crushed. The first time it happened I took her to A&E as she appeared to be having trouble breathing (it was a weekend so no doctors open). She was in great pain on the drive over and for around an hour. By the time we saw a doctor it was starting to subside and they could find anything.

We have since had another 3 attacks and have been referred to Paeds/gastro. Two friends have said it sounds very like gallstones as they have both had them. Is it possible in someone so young? I'm tempted to go back to the doctor and mention it but should I just wait for the referral? The attacks probably last around 3 hours in total and she is extremely distressed during them.

thanks for any advice.

AssembleTheMinions Mon 07-Mar-16 17:55:54

Shameless bump grin

KurriKurri Mon 07-Mar-16 18:20:30

A quick google suggests that yes teenagers and younger can get gallstones.

There is some info here

It suggests being over weight or ethnicity are contributary factors, or previous health conditions and treatments. (Although that doesn't mean if you don't have those factors you can't get them)

I hope they can sort her out soon - I have gall stones and they are agony when I have a flare up.
Flare ups for me are often linked to eating certain foods - anything rich or fatty, or sometimes things that are acidic - so worth keeping an eye on what she has eaten when she gets an attack.

I have found from experience that you have to be pretty pushy to get them to do anything. I would insist on an ultrasound - then at least you will know whether she has them. Poor girl - sounds horrible for her sad

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Mon 07-Mar-16 18:23:04

I know of a baby that had her gallbladder removed -

If she's eating a high fat dinner this will bring in the attack - Chinese chips burgers etc ...

Is there a pattern with food?

Also drinking apple juice and reducing fat can keep them at bay - but I would request an investigation - can lead to liver infections

AssembleTheMinions Mon 07-Mar-16 18:31:51

Thanks for replying.

She's not overweight, she's a fairly skinny wee thing. Can't see any connection with her diet as the attacks have been very random. The first was early morning (no breakfast) second was 3am (nothing fatty the night before) third was mid morning (again no food) and the latest was evening not long after dinner (again, nothing rich)

She does drink apple juice but I'll up it just in case.

I'm hoping the referral comes quickly, the attacks do seem to be getting closer together. We know what to expect now but it's still scary seeing her in so much pain. Not to mention agony for her. sad

hugoagogo Mon 07-Mar-16 18:41:01

I would wait for the referral, because you are really only guessing as to what it could be.

However if it happens again I would take her to the drs/a&e so she can get pain relief and a blood test.

I know a lot of people inc health professionals put a lot of faith in high fat meals triggering gall stone attacks, but it really is not always the case.

The most distinctive symptom I think is that the pain is not relieved by anything, not changing position, having a bath or hot water bottle. The only thing that helped me was intravenous morphine.

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