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front tooth abcess? root canal? crown? any dental professionals here?

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upsidedownfrown Sun 06-Mar-16 18:45:43

Hi all, my 2 upper front teeth overlap a bit. I think I've got the start of an abscess on my gum where the top of the overlapping tooth is. There's a small bump and it sends achy pressure down the tooth if I press it gently.

Anyway, from what I know, an abscess tooth will need removing or root canal. Obv don't want my front tooth removed so root canal it is. I'm fine with that. Had root canal and crown on a molar my lo broke when he headbutted me a few years back and wasn't traumatic at all.

The main thing I wanna ask is, if they root canal it, will they put a crown on or just a filling ? I understand they often dont crown front teeth as they don't take as much force as back ones but I already have a small filling in that tooth on the area that overlaps the other front tooth. I had a small cavity in it years ago cos it was just impossible to get in the overlapping bit for a good clean and before the filling, I couldn't floss it either. So will the fact there's already a filling mean that I would probably get a crown.

Last question, I promise... If the dentist did say she would crown it, would she make the permanent crown a different shapes so it fits between my other teeth better therefore no longer overlapping thus making it a lot easier to keep really clean?

Appreciate any replies !

Mrsmorton Sun 06-Mar-16 18:49:46

You need to ask your dentist!! There are literally hundreds of permutations, a lot of things are possible but it's impossible to diagnose and treatment plan over the net.
Are you registered with a dentist?

upsidedownfrown Sun 06-Mar-16 19:05:08

Yep I'm registered.. attempting to ring in the morning for emergency appt but I foresee difficulties! Their phone system sucks! You wait on hold for close to half an hour to an 0345 number being repeatedly told you're next in the queue when obviously you're not cos 2 staff can't possibly be on 25min long phone calls! Grrrrrr

Mrsmorton Sun 06-Mar-16 19:11:17

Are you in the UK? You could always try to find someone more customer focuses because that sounds shit.

upsidedownfrown Sun 06-Mar-16 19:23:27

Lol yeah I'm in UK. It is pretty bloody awful but the only dentist in the area that was taking anyone on. I was on the wait list for 5months before I got offered place with them!

My actual dentist is wonderful tho. She helped me massively with dentist anxiety and she's awesome with my kids. My eldest is on autistic spectrum and loves her so I daren't change dentists! She was so lovely she gave me the direct line ratherthan 0345 number but it's constantly engaged ! Think she was a bit too nice and gave it to everyone!

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