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Gastroparesis anyone?

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hipHipboo Sun 06-Mar-16 14:48:58

My bf suffers with gastroparesis (probably, according to consultant), his symptoms are abdominal pain, acid burning, nausea, general unwell feeling. His consultant had basically told him to live with it, nothing they can do. He has anti sickness tablets, anti acid tablets, buscopan .. Nothing helps much.

Has anyone found a way of controlling the pain and nausea? The anti sickness tablets don't seem to help, paracetamol doesn't touch the pain.

It's affecting almost every day of his life, he's in pain, doesn't eat much, very unhappy.

Any tips would be appreciated. The gp and consultant don't seem Syuat all interested in improving his quality of life, just say it's not life threatening.


hipHipboo Sun 06-Mar-16 14:49:58

... " don't seem AT all interested in improving .." .... Grr

gamerchick Sun 06-Mar-16 15:06:01

What does probably mean? Has he had the camera down?

Zariyah Sun 06-Mar-16 18:56:38

He needs a Gastric Emptying Study to look at how things move through.

hipHipboo Sun 06-Mar-16 20:48:34

Yes he's had scans, camera down, an emptying study .. So they think it's gastroparesis. And ibs.

Zariyah Sun 06-Mar-16 21:15:24

The emptying study is pretty conclusive. If it's slowl it's gastroparesis and there are treatments. See the G pact website. Sorry I can't link on this.

hipHipboo Mon 07-Mar-16 12:03:26

They told him there was no treatment, that it wasn't dangerous and he'd have to live with the symptoms, just treating them with medication.

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